GLOBAL ELITES THROWN OUT OF ICELAND: Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t, then Arrests Rothschild Bankers

Hi to all those of you who have chosen to Walk Across America,
Looks like you have your work cut out there…  good thing though, is that there has never been a better time to move forward with these types of project’s (which are bound to meet with some sort of resistance or another).  Met up with the Occupy Liverpool (UK) Crew over the winter and I salute you all for your tenacious endeavours and Truthful Re-education Program’s. This Planet of our’s is so abundantly rich and diverse with more than enough resources for all and more of it’s occupant’s of whom the majority know, needs to be managed carefully, peacefully and honestly… (not stripped of it’s regenerative asset’s to be stashed in hide-away’s for a select few!?) … The USA (in my opinion) is moving forward, in the right direction with President Obama at the helm (he meets with resistance too!) and surely another Term of Office is required to allow for more progress to be realized in the US and further afleld. I agree with good Business Principal’s and effective Public Services both with appropriate checks and balances to ensure mutual transparency with Legal and Lawful Protection’s to ensure that the Future really is in the ‘Wider Public Interest’.
Kind regards,
Steve Decko